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We are a collective of wellness practitioners committed to balanced, holistic well-being. Whether you’re looking for massage or midwifery, acupuncture or nutritional support, with more than 15 healing modalities on site and an extended network of practitioners, we will help you discover the wellness you seek. Search by Wellness Modality  to see all our mind-body offerings or search our Provider Network.

Conscious Ambition - Laura Shook Guzman, LMFT
Somatic Psychotherapist

Laura combines psychodynamic and developmental approaches with a body-oriented modality Somatic Experiencing®, a naturalistic approach to healing the effects of trauma and loss. Laura offers an empowerment model of integration and change through awareness of self, acceptance and embodied action. She is also passionate about supporting entrepreneurial mental health through individual therapy and wellness consulting for organizations and coworking communities.

Integrate to Live - Sarah Sherwood
Certified Integrative Resilience Coach

Sarah provides wellness coaching and body-mind life coaching to integrate the whole person: body-mind-spirit. Her unique blend of varied modalities allows for a holistic movement toward wellness and the discovery of your truest and most authentic self.

Windhorse Medicine - Rupesh Chaagan
Licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist & Hakomi Therapist

Rupesh brings relief, insight, awareness, and empowerment to clients using a combination of his formal training in traditional Chinese medicine and Hakomi with years of study in yoga, Buddhism, meditation, improv acting, group therapy, and living a mindful life.

Alt Ed Austin - Teri Sperry
Educational Consultant

Teri helps parents explore the wide range of educational options available in the Austin area; match them to their own families' values, priorities, and needs; and find the right fit for their unique kids.

Awakened Nature - Rachael Wilder, LMT
Massage Therapist

Rachael combines her structural bodywork experience with the practices of Arvigo Maya Abdominal Massage to address chronic physical pain, dysfunctions of the reproductive and digestive systems, and the role stress plays in holding these imbalances.

Practice of Now - Janet Farnsworth
Somatic therapist, Yoga Teacher & Body Empowerment Coach

The truth of us is vibrant and whole - uniquely gifted, and brilliant. The Practice of Now uncovers and connects us to that truth, in order to manifest our most radiant selves. Through yoga, dance, or talk therapy, we consider Soma – the Soul Body – to be our greatest teacher and guide nto our wholeness.

Heeling Hands - Melanie Pellman, LMT
Massage Therapist

​Melanie Pellman, owner/therapist of Heeling Hands in Austin, TX, has always been a propionate of a healthy lifestyle. Her goal for all her clients is to encourage the body’s natural ability to heal itself by spending time and patience needed for each individual, after all healing is a process.

Copper Bridge Counseling - Laura Jo Acuna Zavalney, LCSW
Clinical Social Worker

Laura Jo has practiced social work for 20 years with adults. Compassionate and thoughtful treatment for depression, anxiety, and difficulty in life transitions is part of her purpose. She is dedicated to healing the world one person at a time.

Harmony Functional Medicine - Jeanne Cook, MD
Functional Medicine Physician

Dr. Cook is a functional medicine physician who works with her patients to identify the underlying root causes of their health conditions or symptoms and then partners with them to create a personalized integrative approach to addressing them.

The Mariposa Shift - Elizabeth Cortez, PhD
Psychologist & Transformational Coach

As a practicing Clinical Psychologist, Elizabeth has a deep desire to help people shift into their highest potentials by helping them to remove their internal barriers and self-limiting beliefs that prevent their growth and metamorphosis. Just as a butterfly evolves from the chrysalis into its most beautiful form, so can you.

Mind Body Music - Andrea Cortez
Music Therapist

As a board certified music therapist, Andrea applies her knowledge of how music and sound affect the nervous system and create physiological changes in the body. She creates live therapeutic sound experiences with harp, singing bowls, gong and voice so that you can reset, balance and be fully resonant.

Potion - Val Mirza, Val Plaza, Bridgette Phelan
Licensed Skincare Therapists

Licensed skin therapists Val Mirza, Valerie Plaza, & Bridgette Phelan use non-toxic products, multiple modalities, & coaching to help clients maintain or achieve healthy skin.

Evolve Therapy - Marci Lawson & Grace Seeker

Grace and Marci provide individual and couples psychotherapy using a holistic approach integrating spirituality, neuroscience, yoga, and meditation. They're goal is to help each client transform in meaningful and powerful ways in order to heal from pain and increase life satisfaction.

A Special Note to Wellness Entrepreneurs

Have you made it your life's passion to support the healing of others and inspire health and well-being? At Soma Vida, we wholeheartedly believe that we are happier and healthier together. We believe that wellness providers - those expending a vast amount of energy healing others - need a community especially designed to nurture and support their own health, wellness and vitality.

We invite you to take a peek at our membership levels to explore the possibilities for becoming happier and healthier at Soma Vida.
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"Big, beautiful place with vibrant energy and a wonderful community of people that are the heartbeat of wellness and holistic healing in Austin" — Krystal P.

"Soma Vida has done an AWESOME job revamping their place after the move. It's beautiful and feels peaceful. I was happy to host a Learnshop there and look forward to having more there in the future!" — Kaley C.

"When you walk through the front door at Soma Vida, it's like entering someone's earthbound rendition of nirvana. You get to leave the rest of the world behind and hang out in someone's beautiful, calm, clean, and healthy home. " — Kelty G.

"This place has an amazing vibe and almost any kind of practitioner to help you feel healthy" — N.B.

"Lovely people and inspiring environment." — Mariana K.

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