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Austin Adventures in Consciousness with Story Waters & Roger Hanson

June 30, 2018 @ 10:00 am - July 1, 2018 @ 5:00 pm

Adventures in Consciousness is an annual event for consciousness explorers and is guided by partners in life and work, Story Waters & Roger Hanson. The first event was held in NYC, followed by Los Angeles, and now Austin, Texas! 2 full days of channeling, visionary art, meditations, and socializing.

Story is an author, channeler and creator of the One Self Teachings. Roger is a visionary artist and channeler and creator of The Art of Connection. The first Adventures in Consciousness event was held in NYC, followed by Los Angeles, and now Austin, Texas!

The event always attracts a diverse, passionate, supportive, and loving group of individuals who thrive in the energy of co-creation and charting new territories within the vast sea of infinite consciousness expressions available to us.

** When you register for the 2018 Austin event, you will immediately receive as a bonus the full suite of recordings from the 2014 event (details below). Additionally, following the 2018 event, all people who attend Austin Adventures in Consciousness in-person will receive MP3 recordings of the spoken sessions and video recordings of the visionary art sessions.

The Schedule
The event will occur across two days, Saturday June 30th and Sunday July 1st. The days usually begin at 10:00am and end around 5:00pm and are comprised of two morning sessions and two afternoons with a lunch break in between. Exact hours will be conveyed a few weeks before the event starts. The content forms organically around the participants, so a specific subject matter is not set beforehand. Story and Roger have found that this allows for the most transformative experience possible, allowing the unique energy of the group that has assembled to be the driving force in what actually unfolds.

Austin is a diverse, thriving, and open community with an unofficial mantra of “Keep Austin Weird” reverberating everywhere. We’re especially happy to have found the Soma Vida Wellness Center to host this event. Soma Vida is located within the vibrant East Austin neighborhood and is completely surrounded by a variety of restaurants, food trucks, and art galleries. It’s also within walking distance of the beautiful Colorado River.

There are a number of housing accommodations in the area which you should be able to easily discover on your own, but we do recommend a service called The Guild Austin. The Guild is a collection of boutique hotel properties located in upscale residential buildings and offers concierge services and the amenities of home at very affordable prices.

Pricing for this event will be tiered based on date of purchase. The earlier you book your tickets, the lower your price will be!

$450 (through April 30)
$500 (through May 31)
$550 (through June 23)
$600 (at the door)

Virtual Options
For those who are unable to make it to Austin, we do plan to audio stream the seminar so you can participate from wherever you are. The Live event setting always has a certain magical quality that’s hard to describe, but we realize that it’s just not possible for everyone. If you’d like to listen to the audio of this event live, the price is $95 and you may register on TheOneSelf.com

As soon as you purchase your 2018 Austin Adventures in Consciousness ticket, you will receive (as a gift) the entire suite of recordings from the 2014 Los Angeles Adventures in Consciousness. This is over 8 hours of recordings, the details of which are:

Session 1 – Story – Stepping Out Of Time 64 mins
Session 2 – Story – StorySun Hot-Seating 48 mins.
Session 3 – Roger – Astraline Revisited 46 mins.
Session 4 – Roger – The Portal Experience 55 mins.
Session 5 – Story – Future Self Now 68 mins.
Session 6 – Roger – Birthing New Consciousness 60 mins.
Session 7 – Story – Awakening the Choice Moment 70 mins.
Session 8 – Roger – Atha Hot-Seating 42 mins.
Session 9 – Story – Raise Your Standards 46 mins.

We hope you can join us for this very special event. Should you have questions or need additional information, please email info@portaleventsaustin.com

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