A Daily Practice: Finding Freedom From Mental Clutter

posted on September 15, 2016

Big breath in, big breath out…Focus


9 a.m.


Sit down at your desk.


Open up your laptop.


And…draw big BLANK.


What to do?


The black hole of e-mails, and Facebook, and invoicing, and iMessaging, and checking your calendar and newsfeeds, and writing out your to-do list all call your name…


Before you know it, 60 minutes has passed—and you have yet to get anything meaningful or productive accomplished for the day ahead.




In a world full of noise and clutter—so many things vying for our attention—it can be nearly impossible to propel the needle forward when we allow distractions to get in our way.


Think about your day on a 24-hour clock.


In consideration of all the things you have to do…the time you spend working on your biz is pretty precious.


In fact, according to Chris Bailey, author of the Productivity Project, the average person checks their e-mail 41-times in a given day, and an average of 17 checks for social media—beginning within the first 15-minutes of waking.


Add an average total of 3 hours and 15 minutes time spent on our phones (outside voice calls), plus the 6-8 hours you spend just sleeping, and the hour or so you spend commuting here and there in the car, and the hour or two you spend doing “life things” (eating, cooking, showering, cleaning, etc.) and nearly two-thirds of the day is gone!


So what are you going to do with the precious time—the 4-8 hours you have left for everything else (work, family, social, to-dos)?


Use it wisely.


In a world full of noise, you have the power of choice of where you focus your attention.


When you hone in on that focus—cut the noise, put the cell phone on airplane mode, exit out of your inbox, shut down the social media—your work time, creativity and business pursuits become unstoppable.


This is called “deep work.”


If you find you’re having a hard time cutting through the clutter, try this first thing when you sit down to your computer:


Whip out a sticky note (or you can use the Stickies on your computer) and write down the top three things you want to accomplish that day.


The top three things that, when you reflect back on the day at the end of the day, you will be happy and satisfied that you accomplished.


So what’s it going to be today?


Choose your three.

About the Author

Laura Shook Guzman, LMFT pioneered and revolutionized coworking, almost a decade ago in her home city of Austin, TX. At the heart of her vision lies a deep passion for supporting the emotional, spiritual and physical well-being of entrepreneurs. With the creation of Soma Vida, in 2008, a movement began. A community came together, designed especially to support, inspire and encourage wellness entrepreneurs. As a result, Laura recognized the combination of business, wellness and community as a catalyst to discover our most innate creative expressions.



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