Client Spotlight: ScaleFactor Team Says OM at Soma Vida

posted on July 12, 2018

ScaleFactor X Soma Vida

Wonderful things happen when local businesses decide to collaborate! Recently, we connected with Derek Felderhoff, the Director of People at ScaleFactor, to learn about their recent partnership with Soma Vida and their innovative employee wellness initiative.


Who is ScaleFactor and what makes them awesome?

ScaleFactor is an accounting and finance startup in Austin, Texas, that not only cares about providing stellar work for their clients, but are also deeply committed to the care of their team. With a culture rooted in valuing the community, they believe if they’re taking care of the community, and taking care of themselves, good things will happen. This is why the company has invested in a wellness initiative, joining with companies such as Soma Vida and Journey Meditation, to ensure their employers are taking time to ground themselves and for self-betterment.


Who is leading this new wellness initiative at ScaleFactor?

Derek Felderhoff, referred to as “the people guy,” pioneered the wellness initiative and gave an inside scope on what it is, why they chose Soma Vida and how it’s been beneficial for those involved. By bringing wellness into the workplace, he hopes to ensure ScaleFactor is doing all they can to enrich their team.

“[We] understand and know that investing in the whole person is crucial to creating a great culture and company,” Derek said. “Investing in the whole person, physical, mental and spiritual health is key to the happiness of our team.”


How did it all begin?

The initiative began about a year and a half ago, working with the resources they had and ideas that aligned with their company culture. The Senior Digital Marketing Associate at ScaleFactor, Amy Furr, is an RYT 200 certified yoga instructor, so when the idea of a wellness initiative arose, she enthusiastically offered to teach. This allowed her to practice her passion while giving other employers a chance to unwind and connect with themselves, as well as the rest of the team.

“We like giving people those avenues and opportunities to take some time out of the day and focus on their wellness,” Derek said, “which shows how much we care about their wellness beyond just employees at the company.”


Why was Soma Vida the ideal partner for ScaleFactor’s wellness initiative?

When deciding where to facilitate yoga, Soma Vida made the most sense for their team. The coworking community has yoga studios that offer spaces for teachers outside of the Soma Vida membership and team, which allowed Amy to lead classes and the ScaleFactor team to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere.

“Soma Vida gives access to the community and made it really easy for us,” Derek said. “Soma Vida had an added flexibility [compared to other studios], and the people I’ve interacted with have been excited for us as we have been developing this wellness program at ScaleFactor. They’ve been awesome and nice and do small things, little delighters that say, ‘hey there’s a great partnership here that we all appreciate.’”


Future plans for ScaleFactor’s wellness initiative?

ScaleFactor’s wellness program continues to thrive – as do the employees. They have expanded the program, offering a morning and an evening monthly yoga class, weekly meditation on site, led by Journey Mediation, and they are trying to set up classes with Camp Gladiator.

“We are trying to create a path for everyone, so that everyone has an opportunity and a vessel of wellness that they enjoy and value,” Derek said. “ScaleFactor understands the importance in pouring into the whole person – not just the employee – and giving them the opportunity to create the best culture and most exciting workplace possible.”


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At Soma Vida, we are proponents for an integrated allocation of our time, energy, creativity and joy. We do not believe that there is a perfect and static work life balance formula for us to find and maintain, rather we hope to expand one another’s sense of work life balance possibility – to encourage others to discover their own sense of purpose, to follow their passions and to co-create healthy partnerships.

Seeking to integrate more wellness into your workday? Considering scheduling an off-site wellness retreat for your company? Contact Soma Vida manager, Kelsey Kosmala, and start custom crafting your next wellness experience today! Email or visit our membership options for wellness-centric entrepreneurs.


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Client Spotlight: ScaleFactor Team Says OM at Soma Vida

ScaleFactor X Soma Vida Wonderful things happen when local businesses decide to collaborate! Recently, we connected with Derek Felderhoff, the Director of People at ScaleFactor,...

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