Casting Your Vision for 2017

posted on January 3, 2017

A new year means a new you.


Not only in terms of weight, fitness or healthy habits, as most associate it, but also for your business and journey as an entrepreneur.


A time to organize.







What are your business goals for your 2017?


Even better: What are your goals for your business in 2027?


In other words: Where do you want to be in the next 10 years?


Getting CLEAR on this will help you begin to realign THIS years goals in the first place.


Enter: Passion Planningsetting intentions and casting visions for the life (and goals) you aspire towards.


(A much cooler way of saying goal setting).


All you need?


A pen. Paper. And at least 20-30 minutes to map it out:


Here we go


Step 1: Big Dreaming. Imagine the day in the ideal life of you and your biz in about 10 years.What do you want? What do you envision? What does your daily grindlook like? What impact are you making? How do you spend your days? What type of clients are you working with? What have you overcome or accomplished? Whats your morning routine. Anything! Write out or bullet journal what you10 years from nowlooks like (ideally!). Dream big.


Step 2: Hashing It Out. Great. Vision cast. Now time to break it down into some bite size pieces. Make 6 columns: 3 Months, 1 Year, 3 Years, 5 Years, 10 Years, Lifetime.


Within those columns, now write out the goalsor things you would have like to accomplishby those times. We are talking business here, but feel free to expand outside biz as well.


Step 3: Pick 6. Alright now its time to narrow things down. Looking at your list of bullets and hearts desires, pick the top six goals (under any and all columns) that would have the most impact on your life.

Step 4: One More Cut. Ok. Now of those six goals, choose to focus on ONE right now. And pick the ONE goal or vision that, right now, would have the most impact on your business and your life. (This is just the one we are STARTING with).


Step 5: Go to Town. Goal picked? Time to go to town! With that one goal in mind, set the timer for 5-minutes and write out as many action steps as you can think of to make BIG MAGIC happen.


Step 6: Go to Work. This is where the magic (to reaching that bigger vision). happens! Once that main goal is set and you have some action steps laid out, time to go to work. Focus on one at a timeand chip away!


Get it? Got it? Good!


Time to hup to it. Lets do it!



Mark your calendars for Sunday, January 15: Dr. Lauryn Lax will be hosting Thrives Passion Planning Workshop at 5 pm at Soma Vida.


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About the Author

Dr. Lauryn Lax: I may be an occupational therapist, nutritional therapist and founder of Thrive Wellness & Recovery now, but for the past 15+ years, I have also been a journalist--for print, news, TV and blogs. I graduated with my BA in Journalism from the University of Texas-Austin and I am continually refining my craft, and want to help YOU refine (and thrive) in YOURS too.



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